New for 2013, Penguin Island is a brand new attraction designed to allow guests to interact with the penguins, as well as providing the birds with a safe environment to swim, feed and nest. The environment was to replicate their natural habitat of coastal Peru and Chile.

We liaised with the keepers to ensure the bird’s welfare and safety was considered throughout the design and fabrication process. This included ensuring there was adequate ventilation, installation of a good water filtration system, provision of preparation, isolation and treatments areas and importantly varied walking surfaces laid to prevent the on-set of ‘bumble foot’, a condition common in captive penguin colonies.

The faux rockwork was created using steel and wire framework as the base structure and then overlaid with cement-based render, which was then carved and painted. The flooring variations were created using epoxy resin bonded stones and pebbles.


This attraction was built along side Penguin Island and opened at the same time.

We were commissioned to design and fabricate an attraction that provided guests with a covered area that had an open feel. The environment gave the illusion of being underwater and enabled guests to have a close up experience with the rays.

To draw out the grace and beauty of the rays we created a striking entrance-way with a 3D Manta Ray replica, this was complimented by a wall to wall mural that achieved the underwater feel.